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How Can Artificial Intelligence Effectively Augment Human Intelligence
How Can Artificial Intelligence Effectively Augment Human Intelligence?

Hosted by Aravinda Garimella

There is growing consensus that the better way to think about artificial intelligence is not from a machine-versus-human perspective but from a machine-plus-human perspective. The understanding that human intelligence and artificial intelligence have different, as well as complementary, strengths and weaknesses has led to the emergence of human–AI hybrid systems that combine the two intelligences. While the transformative potential of AI is widely recognized, there is still significant uncertainty for businesses on how to effectively integrate AI into their existing processes. Aravinda Garimella, assistant professor of business administration at Gies College of Business, discusses key issues to consider before designing, implementing, and using AI-augmented systems.

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Brand Marketing in the Age of COVID-19
Brand Marketing in the Age of COVID-19

Hosted by Jan Slater and Mike Yao

COVID-19 has required marketers to rethink everything – strategies, engagement, media, messaging, budgets, and staffing – just to name a few. Brands and marketing should not be neglected in a crisis. This is a critical time for companies to be strategic, relevant and agile. Most of all, it requires marketers to be brand-centric, while preparing for what’s on the other side. Join Professor Mike Yao, Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising, as he talks with Jan Slater, professor of advertising and the Chief Marketing Officer at Gies College of Business about brand marketing in the age of COVID.

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Do Data Analysts Need Cookies
Do Data Analysts Need Cookies?

Hosted by Ron Guymon and Kevin Hartman

Snickerdoodle cookies are delicious morsels of food that provide energy to data analysts so that they can perform their work. Website cookies are an important tool used to provide data for analysis. In this webinar Ron Guymon discusses the work performed by data analysts, which is much more than running fancy algorithms. Kevin Hartman discusses how our current browsing experience depends on website cookies, and the potential implications of Apple and Google blocking cookies.

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The Disruptive Impact of COVID 19 on Supply Chains
The Disruptive Impact of COVID 19 on Supply Chains

Hosted by Nehemiah Scott

Organizations typically operate their global supply chains based on fairly predictable and highly probable situations. When an unpredictable and highly improbable situation arises, supply chains will be disrupted. During disruptive events like COVID-19, the displacement of international transportation resources, the negative capacity cushions of manufacturers, and the demise of small deep tier suppliers were evident, but what exactly does this mean for the supply chain? In addition, the severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators has placed supply chain disruption front and center within the global landscape.

In this webinar, Professor Nehemiah Scott discusses the supply chain’s susceptibility to risk and describes several ways in which typical supply chain processes were disrupted by COVID-19. He also identifies important investment options that organizations can pursue in their quest for supply chain recovery and resilience.

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Social Media Analytics and the COVID 19 Infodemic Webinar
Social Media Analytics and the COVID-19 Infodemic

Hosted by Joseph T. Yun

Joseph Yun has been leading a team of analysts to support the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) efforts in managing social media strategies for the COVID-19 pandemic in the Americas while also working with the WHO to combat the COVID-19 infodemic of misinformation. This webinar provides an overview of those efforts, including a primer on what social media analytics entails, a review of what the WHO has been organizing with regards to fighting the COVID-19 infodemic, and the efforts by Professor Yun’s team with the PAHO to support the Americas’ social media response to COVID-19.

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Good Faith and Forward Looking Webinar
How Do CEOs and CFOs Talk about the Impact of the Coronavirus Shutdown on Corporate Profits?

Hosted by Fei Du

First-quarter earnings forecasts dropped for all 11 sectors in the S&P500. While some industries are hit by an unprecedented drop in demand, others face unprecedented growth opportunities. Companies are urged to disclose COVID-19’s impact on their businesses in earnings conference calls, and SEC chairman Jay Clayton encourages companies to issue forward-looking disclosures to investors and be as transparent as possible. Professor Du talks about some empirical insight from earnings conference call transcripts from the top 10 industry leaders in consumer staples, technology, and communications.

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Data is Your Best Defense in a Downturn Webinar
Data is Your Best Defense in a Downturn

Hosted by Doug Laney

In an uncertain global market like that which we are experiencing as a result of fallout from the Coronavirus, inexperienced or unnerved business and IT leaders tend to hunker down, tighten the belt, jettison the ballast, or worse, just stay the course. More experienced and steely leaders, on the other hand, take to heart the saying: “Don’t Waste a Crisis.” But how does one understand a crisis, and anticipate and take advantage of its ramifications? One word: Data. Gies Adjunct Professor and Principal Data and Analytics Strategist with Caserta, Doug Laney, shares guidance and examples for business and IT leaders on how to leverage your (and other’s) data assets to buffet against, and even thrive, in challenging economic times.

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The Economic Impact of Coronavirus Webinar
The Economic Impact of Coronavirus

Hosted by Larry Debrock

Professor Larry DeBrock discusses the impact on micro- and macro-economies created by the coronavirus. He provides an overview of current challenges that exist domestically and abroad, while also providing his insights on opportunities that have been created by this global crisis.

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Coronavirus and Insurance Coverage Webinar
Coronavirus & Insurance Coverage

Hosted by Lynne McChristian

Professor McChristian explores the financial impact of COVID-19 on businesses and how they are discovering that the insurance coverage they purchased may not be what they needed. Understanding what type of insurance coverage you have and what you may need is essential. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a catastrophe to deliver that understanding. This webinar explains how to assess your risks, and it reviews the types of commercial insurance products, what they cover, what they do not – and why. 

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Coronavirus Business Implications Faculty Panel Webinar
Coronavirus Business Implications Faculty Panel

Featuring Larry DeBrock, Carlos J. Torelli, and Elizabeth Luckman

Professors Larry DeBrock, Carlos Torelli, and Patricia Werhane host a live mock class about the global impact of COVID-19. They provide updates on the global crisis and the economic, consumer, and ethical challenges facing the business community. This panel discussion provides our faculty the opportunity to synthesize the impacts they each spoke about in their individual webinars.

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Liquidity Management in the Great Lockdown Webinar
Liquidity Management in the Great Lockdown: Will There Be A Financial Crisis on Main Street?

Hosted by Heitor Almeida

Professor Almeida examines how companies are managing their liquidity in the COVID-19 crisis. He discusses the dash for cash that has been happening since March and the importance of bank credit lines as a source of liquidity for large companies. He explores how a liquidity crisis in the corporate sector can trigger a wave of bankruptcies that has the potential to create a full-blown financial crisis. He also examines the role of government policies, such as the Main Street Lending Program, in mitigating the risk of such a crisis.

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Consumer Behavior in the Global Marketplace in the Time of Coronavirus Webinar
Consumer Behavior in the Global Marketplace in the Time of Coronavirus

Hosted by Carlos Torelli

Professor Carlos Torelli discusses how a global crisis impacts the psychological responses of consumers in global markets and consider how organizations can overcome and address resulting consumer concerns and needs. He reviews the psychology of consumers’ responses to threats associated with infectious diseases, as well as the cultural differences in reactions to safety concerns.

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Cyber Threats in the Age of COVID 19 Webinar
Cyber Threats in the Age of COVID 19

Hosted by Robert Brunner and David Nichol

Professors Brunner and Nicol explore how the emergence of COVID-19 and society’s increased dependence on the internet have combined to create opportunities for cyber bad actors to cause disruption to people and businesses. This talk explores what new threats – and new emphases on old threats – have emerged over the last few months, and how average citizens can better protect themselves.

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