More than business. 
Business on purpose.

Knowledge alone won’t change the world. For that you need something more. Discover it at Gies Business. 

At Gies, everything we do is designed to help you connect the dots between your education and a purposeful future. Our programs encourage big thinking and big ideas. Our faculty and staff guide you to think beyond the possible. Your fellow students challenge your assumptions and help you invent new ways to make a difference. 

Gies provides the environment and resources that foster meaningful actions, empower you to make your mark, and put your purpose into practice – to make the world a better place.

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News and Events

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Alumna Kelly Loeffler appointed to US Senate

Gies College of Business alumna Kelly Loeffler (’92 BA) has been appointed to the US Senate. When Loeffler is sworn in, she will become the second female senator in Georgia history.

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Gies, iVenture alumni named to Forbes 30 Under 30

iVenture Accelerator Director Manu Edakara and leaders from iVenture-supported startups MakerGirl, Cast21, and Optivolt Labs received this year’s coveted honor, which recognizes innovators under the age of 30 across 20 industries who are “changing the world forever.”

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"Connectors" may help reduce employee turnover

A new study coauthored by Gies College of Business scholar Kevin Jackson suggests "connectors" can help improve the work experience and ultimately reduce turnover when strategically hired and placed in certain group settings.