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Curriculum and Requirements

The core and technology courses are taught in both eight-week and semester-long modules that complement and build upon each other within a synergistic framework. In the final semester you will have the opportunity to further synthesize the knowledge and leadership skills gained throughout the program in a practicum course, in which you will work on a real-world project in collaborative teams alongside a faculty mentor.

Core Business Courses

The core foundation courses are similar to those underpinning any top business graduate program. These include fundamental courses, as well as courses in functional areas of business administration including:

  • Leadership and Teams
  • Process Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Statistics for Management Decision Making
  • Accounting Measurement, Reporting, and Control
  • Simulation & Risk Analysis

Technology Management Courses

These courses represent your first step toward mastering an environment where innovation, introduction of new products, and managing intellectual property are the basis for success. This combination simply cannot be found in traditional graduate business programs. Courses include:

  • Technology Strategy
  • Managing Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Managing Intellectual Property
  • Supply Chain Management
  • New Product Development
  • Technology Practicum
  • Frontiers in Technology

Available Concentrations and Minors

Students may choose to pursue an optional concentration or minor. These concentrations will appear on your transcript as a concentration. Students are admitted into each concentration on a competitive basis. If you would like to complete a minor in one of these areas, an extra semester of coursework is required.

Information Technology & Control

The concentration will provide a strong foundation in the IS/IT area and can be tailored to fit the specific career needs of students.

Business Data Analytics

Companies no longer ignore analytics; they embrace its influence on decision-making. Only available as a concentration.

Supply Chain Management

Don’t just make decisions regarding products and services; analyze the factors and produce the best result.

Corporate Governance & International Business

Learn how the best lead their firms, and understand the influences of a global economy. Only available as a minor.

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