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The Business Management Skills to Upgrade Your Career

In the iMSM, you’ll develop the pivotal business management skills that make for standout success on the job. You’ll grow as a professional and get the kind of know-how that leads to promotions, salary increases, and career growth—know-how that’s been shown by research to resonate with employers. And you’ll get the confidence and capabilities to advance your ideas and make a bigger difference in the workplace.

In as little as 12 months and for just $11k, you’ll earn a master’s in management online from Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois, one of the world’s most powerful university brands and a recognized global leader and innovator in online education.

The iMSM is a fully online management degree designed for working professionals, regardless of undergraduate major. You can complete the program without leaving your current job.

To start classes in March 2021, apply by:

  • Next Priority Deadline: January 1
  • Final Deadline: February 1

Admitted to the iMSM program? Visit OnlineStudents.GiesBusiness.illinois.edu to register for classes.


Flexible Learning - Anytime, Anywhere

Our globally recognized, innovative approach to online teaching and skill development means you can learn anytime, anywhere. And the iMSM’s highly interactive Global Classroom helps you build friendships and networks around the globe.

An Interactive and Deeply Engaging Classroom 

iMSM courses are interactive. Professors engage with you personally. And working with classmates is routine. The iMSM includes both an online global classroom and a series of team projects, which give you experience applying what you learn. 

This is an excerpt from an iMBA course. iMSM courses will mirror this model.

Each course is composed of three elements:

  • On-Demand Component: Get the fundamentals. Complete a weekly module and assignment that develops your core business knowledge.
  • Live Session: Join the global classroom. Attend and participate in a live lecture with your professor and classmates.
  • Individual or Team Project: Apply what you learn. Complete a weekly assignment designed by your professor.

Faculty and specially trained student support teams are also available for in-person office hours outside of class.

When You Graduate, You'll Be Able To:

  • Speak the language of business, so you will be prepared to speak with a chief financial officer, read a balance sheet, set up a marketing plan, and more.
  • Think critically about business management and ethical issues as well as respond to new technologies, emerging global changes, and market trends.
  • Enhance development of critical managerial skills of leadership, innovation, teamwork, and professional communication.
  • Learn to combine knowledge, problem-solving skills, and integrative thinking across areas such as finance, marketing, operations, business management, and accounting.

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