Master of Accounting Science (MAS) Common Questions

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General Questions

The following are frequently asked questions for non-University of Illinois students. If you are currently an undergraduate student from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign pursuing a bachelor’s in accounting (Gies) or agricultural accounting (ACES), click here for frequently asked questions.

Is the MAS program STEM designated?

Yes! The MAS program is STEM designated based on our commitment to data analytics and an understanding of how emerging technology will impact the future.

Is there a benefit to applying early for the MAS program or financial aid?

Yes. While final decisions will typically not be made until after the February 1 deadline, early admissions and financial aid decisions may be made in some cases.

What if my university does not offer an undergraduate accounting degree but instead offers a business administration degree with an accounting concentration or an accounting focus?

You can apply to the MAS program as long as the accounting coursework you will have taken upon graduation, at a minimum, includes the following classes (equivalent to Gies College of Business core accountancy classes listed below):

  • ACCY 301 - Accounting Measurement and Disclosure (Intermediate Accounting I)
  • ACCY 302 - Decision Making for Accounting (Management/Cost Accounting)
  • ACCY 303 - Accounting Institutions and Regulations (Intermediate Accounting II)
  • ACCY 304 - Accounting Control Systems (Advanced Management/Cost Accounting)
  • ACCY 312 - Principles of Taxation (Introduction to Taxation)
  • ACCY 405 - Assurance and Attestation or ACCY 415 Auditing Standards and Practice (Auditing and Assurance)
  • ACCY 410 - Advanced Financial Reporting (Advanced Accounting) or ACCY 451 Advanced Income Tax Problems (Advanced Taxation)
Can I have my unofficial university transcript reviewed prior to applying to the MAS program to determine if I am eligible?

Due to the significant number of requests, we are unable to provide pre-application reviews of transcripts to determine individual eligibility. If, after a full committee review, a student is determined not eligible for the MAS program, the MAS program will refer applicants to our MSA or iMSA program.

How many students are in the MAS program?

Approximately 200 students.


Are GMAT/GRE scores required?

Applicants may choose to submit GMAT/ GRE scores for consideration with their application, but scores are not required.

Does my overall GPA need to be a 3.0 or just my accounting GPA?

Both your overall GPA and your GPA for your Accounting courses must be a 3.0 to be considered for the MAS program.

Does the 3.0 accounting GPA include both my lower division (introductory) and upper division (advanced) classes?

Yes, your ACCY GPA includes both lower and upper division classes.

Does this include the accounting classes that I am currently taking or will be taking next semester?

The ACCY GPA requirements include all accountancy classes taken during your undergraduate program, including those taken after the application is submitted. Should your GPA drop below 3.0 after acceptance, there is a high probability that your admission may be denied due to failure to make the minimum ACCY GPA.

Requirements for International Students 

If English is not my first language, do I have to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam?

A TOEFL or IELTS score is not required for admissions to the MAS program. It is however required if you apply for a teaching assistantship with a minimum speaking score of a 26.

When do I have to complete these exams?

The scores must be submitted by the February 1 deadline.

Does all of my undergraduate coursework have to be taken at an accredited US institution?

Yes, a four-year undergraduate degree in accounting from an accredited US institution is required.

If my undergraduate institution is located outside of the United States but is accredited/affiliated with a US institution, am I eligible for the MAS program?

At this time, the MAS program is not accepting applicants from institutions not physically based in the United States. The MAS program will refer applicants to our MSA or iMSA program.

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