More than business. 
Business on purpose.

At Gies, everything we do is designed to help you connect the dots between your education and a purposeful future. Our programs encourage big thinking and big ideas. Our faculty and staff guide you to think beyond the possible. Your fellow students challenge your assumptions and help you invent new ways to make a difference. 

Gies provides the environment and resources that foster meaningful actions, empower you to make your mark, and put your purpose into practice – to make the world a better place.

Gies News and Events

Why this film industry professional pursued a Gies MBA

Just one semester into the iMBA, Ines Weitgasser has already connected with several of her peers located around the world—a major benefit for someone who once chose her first career to work with uniquely talented people.

Twelve Gies faculty earn promotions for 2024

Promotion is a recognition of these faculty members’ ongoing dedication and productivity in the classroom and in the research field. Their efforts in these dual missions of the College elevate the reputation of Gies.

iDegree In-Person Convocation (iMBA, iMSA, iMSM)

Gies Business iDegrees will hold their ceremony at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

Friday, December 15 | 1-3 pm

For all the details visit the Gies Convocation page.

Please note, only graduates from Gies Business Online Programs (iMBA, iMSA, iMSM) are eligible to participate in this ceremony. If you are studying in a residential program, please see the ceremony information for on-campus students on December 16.