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Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and International Business 

Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and International Business are related fields of study that consider how managers undertake organization-level actions and deliver performance outcomes. The area has a reputation for thought leadership and award-winning teaching on these big picture issues that every manager needs to know: How are businesses developed and structured, especially around a new innovation? How are strategies formulated and implemented? How is superior firm performance derived and sustained? How should businesses respond to major external shocks and changes? How can businesses expand, diversify, and enter international markets? How should a complex multidivisional and multinational enterprise be managed?

Experiential Learning

Gies students have unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience working on real-world projects for organizations of all kinds. This type of experience means you graduate more prepared for the real world, more prepared to add value from day one, and more prepared to succeed in your career. Students can explore their interest in strategic management, entrepreneurship and international business with organizations like EntreCORPSIllinois Business Consulting, Illinois Consulting AcademyiVenture, and the Origin Ventures Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership.


Faculty in the Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and International Business area use multiple disciplinary and interdisciplinary lenses to research a diverse range of topics in their respective subfields. Research by our faculty has won multiple awards and recognitions from academic societies, and faculty regularly appear in the top journals in the field. Our faculty are also editors and members of the editorial boards of several leading journals in their fields. Our faculty pride themselves on pioneering new avenues of intellectual inquiry and developing budding scholars. 

Deepak Somaya, SEIB Area Head for BADM

“Our faculty provide outstanding learning experiences in the critical 21st century managerial skills of formulating and solving enterprise-level business problems and of strategically leading and growing organizations in a dynamic globalized knowledge-based economy.”

- Deepak Somaya, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and International Business Area Chair

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