Engage in real-world consulting for startups

EntreCORPS, a part of the Origin Ventures Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership, is a growth and innovation strategy consulting firm. Student consultants create high-impact and entrepreneurial solutions for clients that range from early-stage ventures to innovation-driving groups within companies. Through project work, student consultants have the opportunity to gain professional experience, manage teams, and explore new networks.

Students working in BIF

Put us to work

Our EntreCORPS teams work closely with clients to understand problems and create solutions that best fit the business. Learn what we can do for you.


Consulting for young enterprises

Our students provide pro bono services to startup organizations in a variety of areas.

Cassy Korah

“My experience with EntreCORPS has been enlightening and professional. I am a huge advocate for consulting firms on campus now because EnterCORPS has showed me skills and experiences that I would never get any where else. I stayed with EntreCORPS because the people I met, the skills I've learned, and the level of professionalism I have experienced here is unlike any other firm on campus.”

Cassy Korah, class of 2021

Maanav Ahluwalia

“Built into the EntreCORPS culture is the desire to learn and grow. Every individual I've interacted with in EntreCORPS has been someone who wants to learn as much as possible and gain the absolute most possible from this experience. Managers above me have always checked in and ensured that I would get the experience I was looking for. I have made many friends in the organization and have gained many invaluable tools in communication, teamwork, and experience.”

Maanav Ahluwalia, class of 2020