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Gain Essential Business Management Skills

Looking to improve your management skills to better lead teams, improve outcomes, and secure a brighter future? The MBA Essentials Certificate online program from Gies College of Business in collaboration with Emeritus will help you gain skills in strategic leadership and innovation, process improvement, marketing management, and managerial accounting. The program's flexibility is ideal for working professionals looking to make the leap into a more successful future.

Course Overview

The MBA Essentials online program is a 12-week program that tackles the fundamentals of business – core management concepts, effectively communicating across an organization, providing key information to facilitate business decisions, operations strategy, and leadership development. Courses include:

Strategic Leadership and Innovation 
Building skills in team leadership and organization design with an innovation focus

Principles of Marketing 
Connecting marketing elements to other functions to deliver value to consumers

Operations Management 
Learning how to implement organization-wide initiatives such as Six Sigma

Principles of Managerial Accounting 
Exploring managers’ use of accounting information to make business decisions

Program Experience

Among the highlights for students are highly interactive live sessions. In addition, self-paced content makes it convenient for working professionals, who need more control over their schedule. Discussion boards allow for interaction with a diverse group of peers regardless of geography. The case studies bring the teachings to life by encouraging students to consider real-world scenarios.

  • Highly Interactive Live Teaching Sessions
  • Breakout Rooms to Meet Virtually in Smaller Groups
  • Self-Paced Content
  • Case Studies
  • Discussion Boards

What's a highly interactive live teaching session like? Get a feel for it with this excerpt from a Gies iMBA live session.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively across the organization
  • Provide key financial information to facilitate and influence business decisions
  • Understand buyer behavior and learn how to create value for customers
  • Produce a winning operations strategy
  • Exhibit the behaviors of effective leaders

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