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Invest in your employees

Known for exceptional leadership in online learning, Gies Business provides high-quality, accessible courses to support your organization as you evolve to match a rapidly changing world in a way no other provider can.

The Enterprise Partnership program ensures that you have the power of a world-class university fueling your employees' learning and development needs. The full continuum of educational experiences we offer provides a path for individuals to accelerate their careers, practice at the highest professional level, and advance your organization.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Browse our online courses, certificates, and noncredit workshops available to individual learners and enterprise partners.

Non-credit Workshops and Webinars

We offer webinars and workshops that address issues in business as a way to share the deep knowledge and expertise of Gies faculty and translate this knowledge into better ways of working, living, and learning.

Non-credit Certificate Programs

Non-credit certificate programs that tackle the fundamentals of business such as management concepts, effective communication, operations strategy, and leadership development. Current certificate courses include:

Skill Development iCademies

Open enrollment, skill-based content provides foundational and advanced resources to help ease the burden you face when developing new competencies. Current Skills iCademy courses include:

Credit-bearing Certificates

Complete an entire specialization to develop deep business knowledge in one area. Through 12 credit hours, you will engage with the exceptional Gies faculty live and in real time.

Online Graduate Degrees

Gies Business offers three fully online graduate degrees that are highly engaging, flexible and affordable. Learners can build on any of the content they have learned and apply it to the completion of a degree. Current online degrees include:

Customized Programs

Gies Professional Credential programs specialize in custom education that addresses the specific business challenges of your organization. Our team works closely with you to package course modules that meet your needs.

Custom projects designed for enterprise partners have included such courses as:

How can Gies Professional Credentials enhance your career?

An interview with Amanda Steffen, ED / Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner & APP Lead and Acute Care Fellowship APP Coordinator at The Carle Foundation Hospital. 

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PODCAST: Dean Emeritus Larry DeBrock

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