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Master of Science in Business Analytics

The STEM-designated MS in Business Analytics degree from Gies College of Business is designed to enable graduates to lead and innovate in a data-driven way.

Students develop the key skill set high-demand jobs require through a strong integration of business application area expertise such as finance, information systems, and accountancy, and data science skills including gathering, managing, analyzing, and communicating data. Graduates will leverage business analytics methods and tools to solve business problems.

This is a full-time, residential, intensive program for those interested in making decisions and innovating through the use of business analytics approaches. Complete your degree in as little as nine months with the option to extend another semester to complete an additional concentration.

Applications for Fall 2021 will open in early 2021, pending Illinois Board of Higher Education approval. Application deadlines will be:

  • Round 1 Deadline: January 30, 2021
  • Round 2 Deadline: March 31, 2021*
  • Round 3 Deadline: April 30, 2021

*Final deadline for international applicants requiring a visa.

Curriculum and Schedule

This degree is 36 credit hours. The coursework includes foundations in managing, analyzing, and conveying business data, followed by analytics elective courses to deepen students' skills and understanding in business application areas such as finance, accountancy, and supply chain management.

Fall Schedule

Enterprise Database Management helps students to grapple with the question of what data they need to answer a question. It introduces students to issues in pulling and cleaning data such that it is possible to generate meaningful queries and form helpful data models.

Big Data Analytics teaches students to do analyses to answer questions about causal inferences and about making predictions. It enables students to use scalable tools and methods for engaging in a variety of analyses.

Data Storytelling empowers students to convey compelling answers to questions. It enables students to use tools to generate compelling visualizations and narratives, with an understanding of the choices they are making regarding data presentation.

Electives: 6 credit hours

Spring Schedule

Students will choose 18 credit hours of electives in the spring semester. You can select 16-24 credit hours of analytics electives plus 0 to 8 credit hours of general electives.

For your reference, an outline of sample spring semester curricula is provided below to help illustrate pathways in concentration areas which you can consider in the program. 

These elective courses are subject to change as each one may not be available every semester.

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