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To advance our mission of delivering life-changing access to business education, Gies has partnered with Google to prepare learners in the Google Career Certificate programs with critical business skills. Choose from Professional Success Skills which complements all of Google’s certificates by offering durable and transferable business skills and Financial Analysis - Skills for Success which connects specifically with Google’s Data Analytics certificate and offers learners knowledge that prepares them for jobs in accounting, finance, and financial analysis.

Professional Success Skills

    The Professional Success Skills specialization from Gies can be bundled with any Google Career Certificate to earn a dual badge of completion from Google and Gies Business. This noncredit specialization will prepare you to engage in creative problem-solving, succeed in a team environment, communicate with other members of the organization, and appreciate and exhibit leadership.

    Some of the skills you will learn include:

    • Acquire a deep understanding of the importance and role of ethics within and beyond the organization
    • Realize the benefits and challenges of a diverse culture and changing global perspectives
    • Enhance your ability to work creatively within the organization

    Financial Analysis - Skills for Success

    The Financial Analysis - Skills for Success specialization was built to complement Google's Data Analytics Career Certificate. This noncredit specialization will help you gain a well-rounded knowledge of key financial concepts that will help you apply an analytic mindset to understanding and driving organizational decisions and success.

    Some of the skills you will learn include:

    • Understand the importance of gaining a financial perspective
    • Identify and apply fundamental principles of Accounting and Finance
    • Use financial information to facilitate strategic and operational decisio​n-making

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