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High-quality online education without the tradeoffs

Gies College of Business' fully online programs deliver an impact that is real and tangible. Through our flexible, highly engaging online classes, you'll learn from world-renowned faculty and industry experts and enjoy the quality education you expect from a respected, highly ranked public university. Fellow students also bring insights from a variety industries and cultures in real time.

Expert led education in big or bite-sized increments

Our unique stackability allows you the option to test drive a program, if you’re not quite ready to dive in. You can start with a single MOOC via the Coursera platform – or any one of our other access points - and if you enjoy the experience, you can build from there until you decide you’re ready for the full degree. Explore access point options below, or speak with our team to learn more. 

1. Apply to a Degree Program

We offer three online degree programs:

Each degree program is delivered in a flexible, fully online format by the same faculty and with the same rigor as an on-campus program. Applications are accepted throughout the year with cohorts beginning in the spring, summer, and fall. 

2. Inquire about the Performance-Based Admissions Track (PAT)

Gies College of Business is offering a unique opportunity for applicants who feel their profile may not be strong enough to gain admission into an online degree program. The Performance-based Admissions Track (PAT) is a first-of-its-kind pathway into the iMBA, iMSA and iMSM program.

If you’re interested, you simply follow the regular admissions process for your desired program, indicating that you would like to be considered for the PAT. You will undergo the same rigorous application review as a degree-seeking student, including a possible interview.

If admitted into the PAT, you will take a set of three courses, and upon completion (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, including a B or better in at least 2 courses) you will be automatically admitted to your desired program as a degree-seeking student. The credits earned in those three courses will also be transferred toward your degree.

Ready to apply? Start your application for the PAT program today.


3. Enroll in a For-Credit Course

Taking University of Illinois courses as a Non-Degree student is a great way to demonstrate your readiness for a degree program, and to determine if the degree program is the right fit for you. Graduate-level, for-credit courses start at various times throughout the year. They deliver content that can make an immediate impact in your work, and credits can be applied toward your degree (or transferred to other universities).

Why Enroll?

There are three reasons you may want to enroll in a for-credit course as a Non-Degree student:

  1. You are planning to apply to an online degree program or are in the process of applying. You want to get a head start on your coursework or take a first course as a way to ease back into being a student.
  2. You are interested in a specific subject area or specialization and not a full degree program. You can take just the classes that peak your interest with a shorter time and commitment.
  3. You want to earn academic credit for transfer to another program or university. Credits earned are full University of Illinois credits, but be sure to check with your home institution.
4. Take Noncredit Courses Toward Certification

Self-directed, noncredit courses are the basic building blocks of your degree. They’re offered frequently, so there are many opportunities throughout the year to take the first step on your path to a degree.

Each of these noncredit courses serves as the first segment of a corresponding for-credit course. The noncredit segment provides foundational material for the for-credit segment.

Once you complete the noncredit segment, you enroll in the for-credit portion of the class and pay tuition. There is a $79 fee to certify your successful completion of the first segment. If you don’t want to go on to the graduate level, you can earn a noncredit certificate in one of seven business specializations.

To earn a certificate, you take a prescribed sequence of noncredit courses and you’ll need to pay a verification fee for each one. So you’re welcome to complete a full noncredit business specialization now and build it into a for-credit specialization over time.

Why Enroll?

There are three reasons you might want to enroll in a noncredit course:

  1. You intend to go on to the for-credit course or a full degree and want to get a head start.
  2. You just want to take the foundational free content and not go further.
  3. You want to earn a certificate in a business specialization, but not a full degree.
5. Take Noncredit Courses Individually

You can take just the self-directed, noncredit segments for free if you don’t plan to go on to a degree program, advanced graduate-level work, or earn a noncredit certificate. If you just want some foundational knowledge, you’ll find that the on-demand classes are great resources and will likely have immediate applicability in your work.

You’re welcome to take the self-directed segment of any individual course now.

Why Enroll?

There are three reasons you might want to enroll in a noncredit course:

  1. You intend to go on to a for-credit course or a full degree program and want to get a head start.
  2. You just want to take the foundational free content and not go further.
  3. You want to earn a certificate in a business specialization but not a full degree.

To learn more about each access point or apply for enrollment, please visit your program of interest: iMBA, iMSM, or iMSA. If you have additional questions, please contact our team to learn more. 


Online Degree Programs

iMBA: Master of Business Administration
$23,000 | 72 Credit Hours | 24-36 Months
The iMBA is a highly engaging, fully online program that delivers practical business mastery along with leadership vision. The program offers carefully curated content and experiences that will elevate your future-forward leadership capacity in fields such as globalization, innovation, and shaping the digital future.

iMSA: Master of Science in Accountancy
$20,564 – $27,200 | 32 Credit Hours | 18-36 Months
No matter the depth of your accounting background, the Gies iMSA can make you a versatile business professional. The iMSA’s leading-edge data analytics curriculum will prepare you to gather and analyze critical information and make informed strategic decisions for your organization.

iMSM: Master of Science in Management
$11,500 | 36 Credit Hours | 12-24 Months
The iMSM helps you build a foundation of business skills from team leadership to budget management. It’s a smart investment in your early-career success because it delivers high-quality content that gives you a competitive edge.

Ready to apply?

Applications for degree programs, noncredit courses, for-credit courses, and the performance-based admissions (PAT) program are accepted on a rolling basis for each of our programs. Click on any of the program links for more details or the button below to start your application.

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