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Aug 18, 2020 2020-08 Accountancy Alumni Business Administration Faculty Finance Student

Loyd to lead Gies' equity and inclusion initiatives

Dr. Denise Lewin Loyd, associate professor of business administration, has been named the first associate dean for equity at the University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business. In this new position, Loyd will help Gies become a leader among business schools in diversity, equity, and inclusion by leading the College’s DEI strategy, aligning that strategy with university priorities, and implementing the recommendations of College leadership and related working groups.

“I am thrilled that Denise Loyd has agreed to take on this important role in our College,” said Dean Jeffrey Brown. “She is unquestionably the best person to serve in this position due to her proven leadership capabilities, her research and professional expertise in this area, and the extremely high regard in which she is held by her colleagues. Under her leadership, we look forward to making Gies a model for creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.”

Professor Loyd joined Gies Business in 2013 after eight years as an assistant professor and untenured associate professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Her research specializes in organizational behavior and group dynamics, focusing on status, diversity, social identity, and ethics as they relate to groups. In 2019, she received a Campus Distinguished Promotion Award, which recognizes scholars identified by the Campus Committee on Promotion and Tenure as demonstrating extraordinary quality of work and overall achievement.

“I am honored and excited to serve Gies in this new way,” said Loyd, who earned her PhD in management and organizations from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. “The creation of this role is an important step for the college. With hard work and creativity, I know we can make Gies a leader in equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. Research shows how much we all have to gain by increasing representation and valuing the different perspectives and contributions each of us brings to the table. I look forward to working with all who identify with and love this college to create an even brighter future.”

“Creating this new role is just one sign of our commitment to making changes at Gies,” said Brown. “We have made DEI a strategic priority here in the College, and I look forward to developing a clear strategy and using evidence-based approaches with measurable goals to expand our efforts and become leaders in this area.”