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Curriculum designed to advance your career

Quickly transform your career by solving business problems with a deep understanding of business analytics methods and tools. Tailor our robust curriculum to your desired area of expertise. Become a data-informed creator who is equipped to change industries or launch a new venture.

The master's in business analytics is 36 credit hours. The coursework includes foundations in managing, analyzing, and conveying business data, followed by analytics elective courses to deepen skills and understanding in business application areas such as finance, accountancy, and supply chain management.

Fall Schedule

Students take 12 hours of general coursework plus 6 hours of electives in the fall semester, including a practicum course to apply what you are learning in the classroom to live client data sets.

  • Enterprise Database Management helps students to identify what data they need to answer a question. It introduces issues in pulling and cleaning data so that you can generate meaningful queries and form helpful data models.
  • Big Data Analytics teaches students to answer questions about causal inferences and predictions. Learn to use scalable tools and methods for a wide range of analyses.
  • Data Storytelling shows students how to convey compelling answers to questions and to use tools to generate compelling visualizations and narratives, with an understanding of the choices they are making regarding data presentation.

Spring Schedule

Students choose 18 credit hours of electives in the spring semester. You can select 16-24 credit hours of analytics electives plus 0 to 8 credit hours of general electives.

This sample spring semester curricula illustrates pathways in specific areas you can specialize in. 

Elective courses are subject to change. Each one may not be available every semester.


Students may choose to pursue an optional concentration. This concentration is built into the 36 credit hours you need to complete the degree and do not require an additional semester of study. This concentration will appear on your transcript.

  • Data Analytics in Finance Concentration
    Gain a foundation in the principles and practices of finance that will introduce you to emerging concepts, practices, and technologies in today’s finance industry. To enroll in concentration, you will be required to take three approved courses.

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