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How society chooses to address today’s major public policy challenges fundamentally shapes the future of the US economy. The Center for Business and Public Policy at Gies College of Business promotes rigorous research on how market forces and public policy shape one another and communicates these findings through innovative teaching and public engagement activities.

We advance the conversation

The United States faces critical choices about how best to use private market approaches and government policies to solve today’s challenges, such as rising health care costs, an aging population, global environmental concerns, and public pensions costs.

Research conducted by the faculty in the Center for Business and Public Policy analyzes programs and policies to advance discussion around the implications of these decisions for our regulatory framework, tax system, and the level and type of government spending. These issues have far-reaching consequences for the well-being of our citizens, the economic environment in which businesses operate, and the long-term growth of our economy.


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We invite you to be part of the conversation about public policy. What is the latest research on today’s critical issues? What are your opinions on those issues? How can we make an impact together? The Center for Business and Public Policy at Gies welcomes your input.

Don Fullerton

"The goal of the Center is to help citizens read the newspaper and understand public policy debate from more analytical perspectives. We believe economic analysis has something to say about the world, so we provide examples of what economics would say about problems like health care, the environment, and public finance."

Don Fullerton, Faculty Associate, Center for Business and Public Policy

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