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What can I expect as a Gies supply chain management student?

Supply chain management students have a special skill set: they are innovative enough to develop creative solutions, meticulous enough to convert data into actionable decisions, and aware enough to realize and manage the impact those decisions will have on all supply chain stakeholders.

At Gies, we help you develop and refine those skills through a curriculum that focuses on soft skills, such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking, as well as technical skills, such as data analytics, technical writing, and model development. In addition, you will complete a practicum serving as a supply chain consultant, which will allow you to bring your creative and analytical thinking to the task of solving real-world problems for a real client.

Career connections

Supply chain professionals manage the movement of material, information, and finances between supply chain partners, which include suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. In addition, they are also responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with these partners, to ensure that the supply chain can satisfy all customers’ needs in the most efficient way possible. The supply chain management program at Gies Business prepares you to take on these challenges.

With a degree in supply chain management from the Department of Business Administration, you will be prepared to manage important processes for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing enterprises, processes that include sourcing and procurement, transportation and logistics, order fulfillment, production and business process management, inventory management, marketing, and more. Whether you begin your career as an analyst, manager, or consultant, you will be equipped with the skills that enable you to be a leader capable of handling the complexities and challenges of managing large-scale supply chains and distribution networks in an industrial/business environment.

Recent Gies supply chain management graduates have been employed with companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, Kohl’s, Workday, BP, PwC, Epic Systems, EY, and Navistar. In 2023, Gies supply chain management graduates earned an average starting salary of $77,625.

How to apply 

The supply chain management program is the only Gies undergraduate degree program that requires a separate application process. Applicants must be current Gies Business students at a sophomore or junior standing and have a minimum 3.25 GPA.

The application window will open during the Fall semester. Current students can apply on Gies Groups.

Hands-on learning sets you apart

Our supply chain management program prepares you through exceptional hands-on learning experiences. These requirements include:

  • A practicum project where teams of seniors work to solve a real supply chain problem proposed by a real company
  • A 10- to 12-week summer internship in supply chain management
  • Participation in case competitions, which offer juniors and seniors opportunities to solve real-world problems in the field and get feedback from industry professionals
  • Participation in program-sponsored workshops, seminars, and plant visits that expand students’ understanding of supply chain management

Getting involved

The Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) is a student-led organization that empowers members through professional development, mentoring, social engagement, and community involvement. Through these pillars, SCMA provides members with the knowledge and skills to succeed in supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management Student Advisors (SCM Advisors) is a group of current supply chain students selected to help advise their peers on topics ranging from resume development to program requirements to helpful study tips. In addition, SCM Advisors promote activities that expand the active learning of supply chain management students.

A commitment to excellence

Student Listening

The importance of effective supply chain management creates exceptional career opportunities, with immense interest among corporations to hire well-trained and talented professionals. Our supply chain management program has earned a reputation for success in training and placing undergraduate students. The rigorous curriculum and practical experience ensure that Gies graduates are highly recruited and compensated by corporations, consultancies, and government agencies across the country and the world.


Double major options

The supply chain management major is a popular double major option, with many of our students combining it with a bachelor of science in marketing, information technology/information systems, operations management, accountancy, or finance.

Typical Plan of Study

The typical plan of study includes business core courses, major core courses, and the required number of major electives. The major electives sample is not a comprehensive list. Students work directly with a Gies academic advisor to determine appropriate coursework, scheduling, and number of credit hours needed to fulfill degree requirements.

Business Core Courses
Sample Supply Chain Management Major Courses
Sample Major and General Electives

The Illinois Supply Chain Management Corporate Affiliates Program

The Supply Chain Management Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) is a consortium of major corporations who serve as an external advisory panel, provide strategic advice and guidance regarding relevance of the curriculum, participate in extracurricular activities, and sponsor capstone projects. CAP is a unique platform for corporations to actively engage with students and faculty of the supply chain management program and participate in its development and strategic planning.

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