Gies MBA Professor Teaching Class

Take your seat in the global classroom.

Gies College of Business is revolutionizing the way business education is delivered. The affordability, flexibility, and stackability of our online MBA program are unmatched. This isn’t just a lecture and a few slides. Our world-renowned faculty actively engage with successful professionals from around the world, face-to-face in a digital classroom. Faculty and students, collaborating together, infuse the iMBA with the personal attention that enables you to reach your full potential.

Course materials are structured and presented the way professionals apply these concepts every day. You can learn a new concept Friday, and immediately apply it Monday morning. Leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills are built into the core, empowering you to put your purpose into practice at the highest level.

Imagine learning side-by-side with CEOs, doctors, small business owners, and aspiring professionals from all walks of life. Your classmates in your next group project could come from London, Tokyo, Dubai, and New York City. We bring them all together for a truly immersive global learning experience.

You can earn your MBA with confidence, backed by one of the world’s strongest university brands – the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Join a vibrant, thriving alumni network that can help you achieve your goals.

Gies College of Business announced a strategic shift in May, suspending enrollment for new students in the full-time and part-time residential MBA. You can learn more about the Gies iMBA, our innovative, highly accessible and affordable online MBA program.

If you are a current full-time MBA or professional MBA student, you can view curriculum and tuition information on Gies Groups.

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