Call for Nominations for the
21st Paul D. Converse Awards

The Department of Business Administration at Gies College of Business invites nominations for the 21st Paul D. Converse Awards. 

Established by the American Marketing Association in 1946, the Converse Awards honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the field of marketing and its advancement, both in terms of research and practice. Recipients of this prestigious award have been referred to as members of the "Marketing Hall of Fame" by Fortune Magazine. 

This award recognizes individuals whose work has not only been groundbreaking but has also had a lasting impact on the field, inspiring further research and shaping the direction of marketing scholarship and practice.

We are seeking nominations for individuals who have authored seminal papers and demonstrated overall excellence in marketing or its related fields, regardless of their specific area of expertise (consumer behavior, strategy, modeling, etc.). 

The criteria for consideration for a Converse Award include two limitations: 

  • Contributions must have been available to marketing academics or students for at least five years. (Unpublished or confidential reports are not eligible.)
  • Winners may not be current members of the University of Illinois faculty or staff.

The five-year time frame provides perspective and ensures that the award honors contributions that have demonstrated enduring value over time.

We encourage nominations that reflect the diverse, interdisciplinary nature of marketing, and we look forward to celebrating the achievements of those who have significantly advanced our understanding and practice of marketing through their outstanding work.

The nomination deadline is October 22, 2023. Be sure to include: 

  • The nominee’s name
  • The title and reference of the contribution (or body or work)
  • The nominee’s key contribution to the discipline of marketing demonstrating how this work has made a significant and enduring impact

Please send any questions to Prof. Maria Rodas at

Winners of the award will be recognized and celebrated at the 21st Paul D. Converse Marketing Symposium held May 2-4, 2024. We expect all winners to attend the symposium.