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Prospective Students
What are the required test scores, GPA, and/or class rank for admission?

We do not have specific requirements or cut-offs for admission. We use a holistic approach that considers coursework, rigor, grades, test scores, essays, involvement, and other factors on the application. University Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides more details on this page.

What academic factors define a great Gies Business candidate?

We want to see a well-rounded schedule in all academic core areas. For a business applicant, we will look specifically at:

  1. Your math classes and grades, with a preference for pre-calculus and calculus. We encourage students to work toward completion of a calculus course by graduation. Since all our majors require calculus, taking calculus over statistics would be most beneficial to potential incoming students.
  2. A language other than English, with a preference for completion of 4 years/the 4th level instead of just the required 2 years for admission purposes. Gies Business degrees require completion of the 4th level of one language or the 3rd level of two languages. Thus, the higher level of language you reach in high school, the closer you are to meeting our college graduation requirements.
  3. Course rigor, based on what your school offers and your capabilities. To be a solid applicant, you should take balanced coursework with strong rigor, particularly in math. Whether it’s AP, IB, honors, or dual credit coursework, work with your HS counselor to pick a rigorous schedule that’s in line with your ability level.
Will taking high school business courses positively affect my application?

Elective courses like business classes allow you to explore your interest and provide some variety in your coursework. That being said, taking a business-related course like accounting or business law does not factor into your admission decision. When it comes to an elective course versus an academic core course, we almost always prefer the academic core. For example, if you were deciding between an AP course and a business law course, we would encourage you to choose the course that will be more challenging and could lead to college credit through an AP exam score.

What about involvement in sports or community service compared to a business club or organization?

We want to see that you can balance your time and efforts both inside and outside the classroom. Involvement can include extracurricular activities at your school, part-time jobs, family commitments, community organizations, and more. They are not limited to something business-focused. Explore and invest in areas that are important to you.

Does it matter which Gies Business major I am specifically interested in?

All freshmen are admitted as Business Unassigned students, whether or not they have a specific major already in mind. Therefore, a major-specific interest is not a factor in the admission decision.

When should I apply? Tell me more about Early Action.

We highly recommend applying during Early Action to receive priority review for admissions, merit-based scholarships, and honors programs. Early Action is non-binding, so you are not required to attend Illinois if you are admitted during that filing period. Also, Early Action admission decisions are released much sooner.

Should I list a second choice major? Can I pick both my first choice and my second choice in Gies Business majors?

To be considered for direct admit to all Gies Business majors, you should apply to Business Unassigned as your first choice. If you are open to pursuing or starting in another academic area here at Illinois if Gies direct admit is not available to you, you should list a second choice major for additional consideration. Your notice of admission will indicate the major to which you were admitted. If you were admitted to a second choice major outside of Gies Business, you could apply to transfer into Gies at the end of your freshman year at Illinois through our Intercollegiate Transfer process

How am I considered for honors programs and need-based or merit-based awards/scholarships?

Your application for admission also serves as your application for merit-based scholarships and honors programs. You do not need to submit any additional information for an initial honors review. You will be notified via email if you are eligible after admission decisions are released. Final honors decisions and scholarships will be awarded by April.

Admitted Students
Who will help me with course registration and advising?

During New Student Registration, you will meet with a Gies academic advisor to discuss your initial academic plans. You also will receive ongoing personalized advising from your advisor to ensure you are aware of available opportunities and on track for graduation.

How can I explore majors and careers?
  • Attend your first Gies course, Business 101, which introduces you to the world of business. Your first two years will also include accountancy, finance, and other business core courses that will help you determine what you like and where you can excel.
  • Join a Registered Student Organization centered around a major or interest area.
  • Use our Career Services office resources to line up job shadows, attend leadership conferences, and research job positions and companies.
  • Network with alumni and employers at Gies Business Career Fairs and recruitment events.
  • Talk with other Gies students!
Can I pursue more than one major on campus? What about minors?

Double majors in Gies are very common. You might be able to pursue one major in Gies and one in another college/school on campus, depending on the program. Minors are always a possibility, too. Your academic advisor and your peers will be great resources as you explore all your options.

What if I need help with courses?

Your professors and teaching assistants for each class hold office hours and can provide individual help with homework or test preparation. Gies offers free peer tutoring for select core business courses, and tutoring is available across campus for classes such as economics, math, science, and writing. There is a lot of support here, so be sure to seek it out if you need it!

Is it possible to work while in college?
There are many opportunities to find work on or off campus. You could get a job in a research facility, your residence hall, the library, a dining hall, or an administrative office through the student job board.
What technology will I need?

A few considerations:

  • The university offers computer labs all over campus, which is really helpful! If possible, we also strongly recommend having a personal computer and the Microsoft Office Suite so you can take notes in class and work on homework or group projects anywhere. Once you are registered with the university, the software can be downloaded for free through The College has no preference on which type of computer you have (PC or Mac).
  • For business and math courses, you will need a calculator; the specifics will be provided in class.
How does the campus keep students safe?

The university has its own police department that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The department provides patrol, investigation, and specialized and emergency response, as well as crime prevention and educational services. It also offers free student services like SafeRides and SafeWalks and has strong relationships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

What health services are available?

McKinley Health Center is a nationally accredited, professional staffed ambulatory care clinic on campus. Physical and mental health services are available by appointment and through a 24-hour nurse consultation line. Gies also has a licensed mental health clinical counselor from the Counseling Center embedded in Gies to work with and support our students through time-limited individual counseling, outreach, and workshops. In the event of an emergency, severe illness, or injury, there are two excellent hospitals nearby: Carle and OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center. Click here for more information.

Gies News and Events

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Graebner named Fellow of Strategic Management Society

Gies Professor Melissa Graebner has been selected as a Fellow of the Strategic Management Society – a distinction recognizing and honoring members of the Strategic Management Society who have made significant contributions to the theory and practice of strategic management.