Suresh Sethi

Suresh Sethi

Professor of Business Administration

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Educational Background

  • PhD, Design, Industrial Design Center, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 2019
  • Master of Design, Domus Academy, 1985
  • Integrated Master of Industrial Design, National Institute of Design, 1982

Positions Held

  • Chair, Industrial Design, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2020 to present
  • Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2017 to present
  • Global Director, Global Consumer Design, Air & Water, Whirlpool Corporation, 2015-2016
  • Vice President, Global Consumer Design, South Asia, Whirlpool Corporation, 2011-2016
  • Co-Director, Center for Social Media Innovation for Communities, Nanyang Technological University, 2010-2011
  • Director, Digital Creativity Center, Nanyang Technological University, 2008-2010
  • Director, NTU-Domus Academy Program, Nanyang Technological University, 2008-2010
  • Acting Chair, Nanyang Technological University, 2008-2009
  • Associate Chair Academics, Nanyang Technological University, 2006-2008
  • Vice Dean, Nanyang Technological University, 2006-2006
  • Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, 2005-2011
  • Lead Faculty, Product Design, Nanyang Technological University, 2005-2008
  • Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 2003-2005
  • Visiting Professor, National Institute of Fashion and Technology, 2000-2000
  • Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Craft and Design, 1998-1999
  • Founder, Circus Design Studio, 1990-2003
  • Visiting Professor, SNDT University, 1989-2002
  • Visiting Professor, National Institute of Design, 1988-1993
  • Designer, Philips Concern Industrial Design, 1983-1988

Recent Publications

Other Publications

Conference Proceedings

  • Sethi, S., & Sethi, S. (2020). Personal Experience in Concept Generation of New Products. ( vol. 1218, pp. 169-174). Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, AHFE 2020, Cham: Springer.  link >

Current Courses

  • Product Design and Development (BADM 366) Presents an overview of the product development process from concept generation to design manufacturing and project management. There is an emphasis on product definition, early concept development, visual reasoning and engineering graphics. Students work in cross disciplinary teams working through product development projects.