Patricia Werhane

Patricia Werhane

Adjunct Teaching Professor of Business Administration and Center for Professional Responsibility Faculty Fellow

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Patricia Werhane is an adjunct teaching professor of business administration and a Center for Professional Responsibility Faculty Fellow. She joined the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016, and also serves as a visiting scholar at the University of St. Thomas. From 2003-2014, she was Wicklander Chair of Business Ethics in the Kellstadt School of Management at DePaul University, during which time she was also managing director for the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics. Werhane was also a Fulbright specialist for the US Department of State from 2013-2018. She earned a BA in philosophy from Wellesley College in 1957, and an MA and PhD in philosophy from Northwestern University in 1964 and 1969, respectively.


Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Philosophy, Northwestern University, 1969
  • M.A., Philosophy, Northwestern University, 1964
  • B.A., Philosophy, Wellesley College, 1957

Positions Held

  • Adjunct Teaching Professor of Business Administration, Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2016 to present
  • Visiting Scholar, Opus School of Business, University of St Thomas, 2014 to present
  • Fulbright Specialist, U.S. Department of State, 2013-2018
  • Managing Director, Institute for Business and Professional Ethics, DePaul University, 2003-2014
  • Wicklander Chair of Business Ethics, Kellstadt School of Management, DePaul University, 2003-2014

Recent Publications

  • Werhane, P. (2020). Some Musings About the Future of Business Ethics Scholarship. Journal of Business Ethics, 166 (1), 1-2.
  • Werhane, P. (2017). Silo Mentalities. Penn Law Book Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Werhane, P. (2017). Wide Reflective Equilibrium as a Research Approach to Business Ethics Research Approaches to Business Ethics.
  • Werhane, P. (2016). Corporate Moral Agency and the Responsibility to Respect Human Rights in the UN Guiding Principles: Do Corporations have Moral Rights? Business and Human Rights Journal, 5-20.

Other Publications


  • Werhane, P. (2015). Competing with Integrity: Richard De George and the Ethics of Global Business. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Werhane, P. (2015). Global Economic Ethic—Consequences for Global Business: A Response. Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 34 157-161.
  • Werhane, P., & Wren, T. (2015). Human Rights as Social Constructions. Listening, 49 121-36.
  • Werhane, P., & Bevan, D. (2014). The Inexorable Sociality of Moral Agency and the Indelible Role of Other(s) in Adam Smith. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Werhane, P., & Tavanti, M. (2013). On Complacency, Corporate Cliffs and Power Distance: Global Leadership Ethics from Gender and Cultural Studies Perspectives Leadership and the Humanities, 21-29.

Book Chapters

  • Werhane, P., & McCall, J., ed. Michael Asslander nd Bernd Wagner. (Ed.) (2016). Employee Rights. Philosophy and Labor Berlin: Suhrkamp-Verlag.
  • Werhane, P., Ehret, M., & Bisignano, A. (2016). Designing Sustainable Business with the Base of the Pyramid. The Business Student's Guide to Sustainable Management: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition Greenleaf Press.
  • Werhane, P., & Bevan, D., G. Enderle and P. Murphy (Ed.) (2015). Capitalism In The 21st Century: Tracing Adam Smith in Emergent Variations of Free Enterprise. Ethical Innovation in Business and the Economy Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
  • Werhane, P., Schyve, P., Filerman, G., & Mills, A. (2014). Business Ethics and Organizational Ethics for Health Care Healthcare Ethics for Healthcare Organizations: A Moral Imperative ( pp. 79-94). Chicago: Health Administration Press.

Books and Monographs

  • Werhane, P., Rolph, T., & Albert, P. (2014). Global Poverty Alleviation: A Case Book. Dordrecht: Springer.

Honors and Awards

  • Center for Professional Responsibility Faculty Fellowship, University of Illinois, Gies College of Business, 2019 to present


  • Levering Insights from Pioneering Business Ethics Scholars to Inform Future Research & Pedagogical Approaches, Anonymous Donation to Gies College of Business, 2021-2024


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