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Mike Yao

Professor of Business Administration

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Mike Yao is a Professor of Digital Media and the Head of the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising in the College of Media. He teaches a digital media & marketing course at the Gies College of Business as an affiliated professor of business administration. Mike's scholarly work focuses on digitally mediated social behavior and human-technology interaction. He is an Associate Editor of a flagship journal in communication research since 2018 and an editorial board member of two media journals for the past eight years, Professor Yao received his Ph.D. in communications in 2006 from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Communications, University of California at Santa Barbara, 2006

Positions Held

  • Associate Professor of Business Administration, Business Administration, University of Illinois, 2017 to present
  • Associate Professor of Digital Media, College of Media, University of Illinois, 2015 to present

Recent Publications

  • Yao, M. (2018). Encouraging learners to explore websites: Hyperlinks as invitations. Journal of Educators Online, 15 (2).
  • Yao, M. (2018). Sequence analysis in distributed interactive learning environments: Visualization and clustering of exploratory behavior. Journal of Educators Online, 15 (2).
  • Yao, M., & Lin, F. (2018). The Impact of Accompanying Text on Visual Processing and Hedonic Evaluation of Art. Empirical Studies of the Arts, 36 (2), 180-198.
  • Yao, M., Tu, C., Yang, M., & Liu, Q. (2017). Predicting users' privacy boundary management strategies on Facebook Chinese Journal of Communication, 10 (3), 295-311.

Other Publications


  • Yao, M., & Liu, J. (2015). How to play the game of intellectual property rights in China: the impact of party affiliation and media location on the use of media frames. Asian Journal of Communication, 25 (2), 371-392.
  • Yao, M., & Zhong, Z. (2014). Loneliness, social contacts and Internet addiction: A cross-lagged panel study. Computers in Human Behavior, 30 164-170.
  • Yao, M., Pang, K., Ko, D., & He, J. (2014). The influence of personality, parental behaviors, and self-Esteem on internet addiction: A study of chinese college students. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 17 (2), 104-110.
  • Yao, M., & Zhong, Z. (2013). Gaming motivations, avatar-self identification and symptoms of online game addiction. Asian Journal of Communication, 23 (5), 555-573.


  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Media Psychology, 2013 to present
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 2013 to present

Current Courses

  • Digital Media & Marketing (MBA 543) Aims to give students ample understanding of the critical role of digital media as the delivery channels of marketing communication and the impacts of digital revolution in marketing and the rise of marketing technology industry, through interaction with the instructor, the content, and other students in the course.


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