Lynne McChristian

Lynne McChristian

Senior Instructor of Finance

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Positions Held

  • Senior Instructor of Finance, Finance, University of Illinois, 2019 to present

Current Courses

  • Corporate Risk Management (FIN 433) Case study course examining how corporations deal with pure risk. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours.
  • Enterprise Risk Management (FIN 526) The application of basic risk management principles to all risks facing the organization. Integrates hazard, financial, strategic and operational risks under a single framework. Provides a conceptual framework for making risk management decisions to increase business value. The course will includes a review of the legal and regulatory environment that sets the stage for Enterprise Risk Management, cover the tools used for risk analysis, examine data integration processes and show how risk measurement relates to strategic and tactical business decisions.
  • Foundations in Risk Management (FIN 530) This course introduces risk management including basic concepts and techniques of pure risk and financial risk management. Corporate hazard risk management including insurance and securitization of pure risks will be covered in detail. Insurer risk management will be examined including reinsurance, loss reserving, underwriting of risks, and catastrophic risk management. Students will also be introduced to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). 2 graduate hours. No professional credit.