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Aug 1, 2018 2018-08 Accountancy Alumni

Cortlon Cofield: Minding his business

Cortlon Cofield, ‘14 ACCY, was destined to stand out. After overcoming the death of both his parents while still in high school, this Gies College of Business alumnus found a way to push forward. Now, he has found a way to blaze his own trail in an industry he clearly is passionate about.


Beginning last summer, Cofield started running his own company – called Cofield Advisors. He found a niche in the financial marketplace, in which advisors didn’t often reach out to or take on younger clients. The millennium generation, Cofield figured, needed the type of advice he could offer. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to plan for their own retirement properly. And he’s taken his own approach, which he detailed in this article from The Network Journal.

“I mean this in the most respectable way possible, but it is vital that entrepreneurs learn to ‘mind their business,’” Cofield said. “What I mean by this is focus your attention on what you’re best at.”  

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