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You know the difference it makes to have access to a flexible, high-quality education that sparks life-changing connections. By supporting Gies online programs, you help deliver the same transformative opportunity for others.


"The innovation and growth of Gies online programs builds the College’s reputation and enhances the value of my degree and yours. Our support helps the College continue to set the standard in expanding access to high-quality graduate education.” 

Molly Hassan
iMBA '19




Molly Hassan, iMBA '19

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Education is always changing. That’s why our online programs are always innovating—and always growing. As a result, we’re in a position to launch new programs, add more online studios, and hire additional faculty. As we continue to work towards leading the world in life-changing access to business education, your support of Gies has never been more important to our continued success.




Elizabeth Magai, iMSA '20

“When the pandemic hit, I was worried that the financial impact would derail my plans to finish the iMSA. I was so grateful to receive a scholarship that covered my final semester and allowed me to move forward with my career, armed with a degree from one of the best accounting programs in the country.” 

Elizabeth Magai
iMSA ‘20 

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Gies College of Business Online Programs Fund

The Gies College of Business Online Program Fund provides unrestricted support for the activities of the Business Online Programs.

Gies College of Business Emergency Scholarships Fund

The Gies College of Business Emergency Scholarship Fund helps students who are facing a personal financial crisis in the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This emergency fund will ensure these students can continue their education uninterrupted.

Gies College of Business Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund

The Gies College of Business Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund provides unrestricted support for diversity, equity, and inclusion activities including staffing, training, and various programs.

Gies College of Business Annual Fund

The Gies College of Business Annual Fund makes funds available to the College to support a wide array of initiatives and programs to support student education and faculty research.



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Rob Totaro, iMSM '22

“As a non-profit consultant, the affordability, flexibility, and course content of the iMSM was a perfect match for me. What I learn in this program is immediately applicable to my daily work and gives me the tools to serve others and advance my career.”

Rob Totaro
iMSM ‘22