Mock Live Class with Professor Gerlando Lima: Let's talk about Time Value of Money!

Join Gies faculty member Gerlando Lima, teaching assistant professor of accountancy at Gies College of Business, in a mock live class that will guide students through one of the most important topics nowadays: Time Value of Money (TVOM). This approach is used in all business courses, especially now where we can see an increase in prices and ratios used in the market. We're going to cover the following topics: Present Value, Future Value, Time, Rates, and Annuities.
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Gerlando Lima is a teaching assistant professor of accountancy at Gies College of Business. He is also a market consultant in financial and international accounting and a member of the American Accounting Association Board of Directors. Dr. Lima teaches ACCY 500, 501 A and B, and ACCY 503 in the iMSA program at Gies.  

Dr. Lima earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the Rio Grande do Norte Federal University in 2002, received his master’s and PhD in accounting from the University of Sao Paulo in 2005 and 2007, respectively, and completed his postdoc in economics (microeconomics) at the University of Coimbra-Portugal in 2009.