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How the iMBA measures up

The University of Illinois was founded on the land-grant mission of providing the highest quality education to the people of Illinois and the world, no matter their background or socioeconomic level. Gies Online embodies this mission to provide access to world-class business content and skills to talented individuals around the world by breaking down the traditional barriers of affordability and accessibility.

The Gies iMBA offers an education, an experience, and a network unlike any other MBA program in the world. We are redefining excellence. We’ve built a custom curriculum from the ground up. We’ve pioneered techniques for a new kind of high-quality online learning. We gather and engage a broad and diverse student body that is exceptionally rich in professional experience, and put them together with leading scholars. These innovations –- and many more –- create outstanding outcomes for our students.

But you be the judge of that. On this page we offer the data you need to determine how we are performing, and what we offer our students. You’ll find metrics here that are different than traditional measures, because the iMBA is in a category all its own. You can interact with the numbers by hovering over each data point to read a more detailed explanation. Here’s what you should know about our student satisfaction, network and career outcomes, student demographics, time to graduation, and much more.

Discover why the iMBA has been called “the biggest business school innovation of the decade.” 


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The Gies iMBA delivers access to learners around the world. Hover over each orange country to see how many iMBA students and alumni are represented.

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