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Our commitment to developing and providing transformative educational experiences does not stop with a degree. The changing world of business requires leaders who continually evolve to meet new challenges. Professional and Executive Education at Gies College of Business provides continuing education that empowers senior executives and high performing managers to achieve their potential. We offer courses for individual learners through our Online Business Essentials Series and our traditional classroom-style Residential Courses. For corporations, faculty experts build custom learning experiences to meet the needs of employees. 

Online Business Essentials Series for Individual Learners

This collection of high-level online business courses addresses topics relevant to rising leaders, managers, and directors with an array of backgrounds. Complete this series at your own pace. Learn in a fully-engaged online classroom, where collaboration with renowned faculty and eager colleagues returns leaders to their organization with a renewed sense of purpose. Each course lasts four weeks with 10-15 hours of self-paced coursework and 2-3 live sessions per course. You can register for courses individually or the entire four-course series.


Certificate in Business Management and Administration

Certificate in Business Management and Administration
Course Starts December 5, 2019

Gain skills in strategic leadership and innovation, process improvement, marketing management, and managerial accounting.

Highlights Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting
Course Starts November 19, 2019

This course is an executive-level introduction and exploration of managerial accounting principles and applications.

Highlights Process Management

Strategic Leadership & Innovation
2020 Dates Coming Soon

This course builds skills in team leadership and adaptive organizational design to enhance leaders’ effectiveness in a fast-moving business world.

woman typing on laptop at table

Marketing Management
2020 Dates Coming Soon

This course explores the principles of marketing management and how it complements other business disciplines to create value.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement
2020 Dates Coming Soon

This course will prepare you to deploy process improvement strategies in alignment with other functions of your organization.

Residential Programs for Individual Learners

Learn the content that is driving innovation in today's business world in a traditional classroom setting. Our residential programs are available to all individual learners and held across the Midwest. If you are interested in a residential program, please view our list of upcoming courses

Customized programs for your organization

We specialize in custom engagement that addresses your specific business challenges. A program director works with you, your organization, and our renowned team to access course modules that meet your needs. Our team can even provide specialized content to enhance your existing in-house talent programs. These programs focus on a number of areas, including:

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Business Ethics

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Business Model Innovation 

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Innovation Management

Invest in your team with custom courses taught by faculty experts

Our courses are taught by the same Gies College of Business faculty who teach in our top-ranked degree programs. These faculty members represent a diverse collection of backgrounds that includes significant experience as practitioners, leading researchers, and renowned teachers. They have the knowledge and expertise relevant to today’s business leaders.

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Associate Professor of Accountancy & PwC Faculty Fellow

Associate Professor of Business Administration, Bruce and Anne Strohm Faculty Fellow

Associate Professor of Accountancy and Fred & Virginia Roedgers Faculty Fellow in Accountancy

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Professor of Business Administration and A Robert & Helen P Fellowship

Professor of Accountancy and Associate Head and A.C. Littleton Professor of Accountancy

Carlos Torelli

"Our innovation and expertise in the delivery of education via a high-engagement online classroom provides an ideal learning environment. This experience transcends geography and busy schedules, so professional learners gain knowledge to support their continued success."

Carlos Torelli, Executive Director, Professional and Executive Education

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Natural-born researcher, Ghoshal, returns to Gies Business

Aug 12, 2019, 08:22 AM by System
Abhijeet Ghoshal, new assistant professor in the Department of Business Administration, is eager to further his research with the collaborative environment and organizational support offered at Gies.

Abhijeet Ghoshal is constantly seeking answers to the most pressing questions facing businesses and consumers today. He’s a natural-born researcher, who has found a home at Gies College of Business. The new assistant professor in the Department of Business Administration is eager to further his research interests with the collaborative environment and organizational support offered at Gies.

“The faculty and administration at Gies are very enthusiastic about research. Their passion is what brought me back here,” said Ghoshal, who previously served as a post-doc research associate at Illinois from 2013 to 2015. “As a person who is very passionate about research, I always knew this was the type of place where I wanted to be.”

Abhijeet Ghoshal 07

Ghoshal’s research spans a variety of fields, including recommendation system design, data mining, business analytics, data privacy, and software support. Recommendation systems – when companies like Amazon suggest ‘products you may like’ based on previous purchases – are of particular interest to Ghoshal based on the competing interests of profitable business practices and consumer privacy concerns.

“When I started my dissertation several years ago, recommendation systems were very new,” he said. “Now they have become very advanced, and they have spread from traditional e-commerce systems like Amazon to social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offering you ‘friend’ and ‘connection’ recommendations.”

Another one of Ghoshal’s recent papers examined the “commitment problem” softwarevendors face when announcing the end date of critical support, like when Microsoft announces it won’t support the XP version of its Windows operating system after a certain date. If Microsoft later backtracks on its commitment of ending the support, that is known to be detrimental to its profit. Using a Game Theoretic setup in “Drawing a Line in the Sand: Commitment Problem in Ending Software Support,” Ghoshal and his colleagues examine a couple of ways that a company can convince consumers that its commitment is firm, so it can avoid falling into the trap of retreating on its own commitment and bearing the consequences.

That inquisitive mind is what drew Ghoshal back into academia after several years in the software and technology sector. The graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology couldn’t shake his desire to dig deeper into issues facing businesses. So he returned to school and earned his PhD in management information systems at the University of Texas-Dallas. That’s when he knew a career in higher education was his calling. He has spent the past four years teaching at the University of Louisville and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

At Gies, Ghoshal will teach two courses: IT for Networked Organizations and Social Media Strategy. He admits he’s not a lecturer, opting instead for more discussion-based formats that catalyze student involvement and participation.

“Teaching is a way I can quickly disseminate the knowledge I have generated,” he said. “The students here are so talented, and I’m looking forward to showing them how they can apply their knowledge as they pursue their passions in business.”