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Earn two degrees in a shorter period of time

Want a way to distinguish yourself beyond the MBA curriculum? A joint degree might be the right path for you. The University of Illinois offers more than 200 graduate degrees, most of which can be earned jointly with the MBA. You can earn that degree at the same time as your MBA, often in a shorter time than if you pursued both degrees independently.


How to get started

Take the MBA courses exclusively for one academic year and then spread out the remaining 20 hours of business electives in a way that works best for you as you fulfill the requirements for your second degree.

Students need to apply to each graduate degree program separately. All admissions decisions are made independently.

Joint-degree students must complete 60 business credit hours and be enrolled as a full-time MBA student for a minimum of three semesters; the first two semesters must be taken consecutively beginning in the fall. Joint-degree students must also complete the degree requirements of their joint program before the MBA degree will be conferred.

Popular Joint Degrees

You have more than 200 graduate programs on campus to combine with your MBA. Receive two graduate degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in a shorter time than if you pursued each independently. 


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