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Secure early MBA admission as a senior

The Early Admit Program allows high potential seniors and other candidates to secure admission to the Gies MBA prior to gaining work experience. MBA graduates will, on average, graduate with more job offers and higher salaries if they have strong professional experience before actually starting the MBA program. This program is also eligible for financial support. Knowing what you will be doing in two years makes life and career planning that much easier.

Guidelines for admission

Undergraduate seniors or recent graduates from any institution may apply. The guidelines for admission are:

  • Strong academic ability and significant leadership experience
  • Completion of a professional internship as an undergraduate
  • Strong interview that demonstrates a strong focus on a career path
  • Competitive GMAT or GRE score – not required for the application but must be completed prior to enrollment.

Post-Admission Commitments

Applicants admitted to the Gies MBA Early Admit program will complete the following:

  • Submit a $1,000 deposit by December 1 of the year before your enrollment date.
  • Take the GMAT or GRE. Based on the score, applicants may be required to retake the exam or begin the program in the summer semester.
  • Maintain employment between graduation and MBA matriculation.
  • Meet with a member of the Gies MBA admissions team to create a timeline that includes taking the GMAT, gaining employment, and interacting with the MBA program to start building your network now.


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